Dental Scaling

How scaling and root planing can help combat periodontal disease

At NW Heights Dental of Portland, OR, patients in the community can work with Drs. Keri Smith and David Hiebert to address a wide range of concerns. Our team understands that patients want an attractive smile, and this is why our team educates patients on the dangers of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can become a […]

Tooth Extraction

How to care for the smile after tooth extraction

Having one or more teeth extracted at the dentist sounds scary, but thanks to the team of NW Heights Dental, patients should no longer be intimidated about the removal of teeth. Whether simple or surgical, Drs. Keri Smith and David Hiebert can assist individuals with their needs. Removal of the teeth may be recommended when: […]

Bad breath

What is the quickest way to treat bad breath?

At NW Heights Dental, we want to assist Portland, OR area patients maintain healthy smiles and eliminate problems such as bad breath. However, there are times when patients may need to quickly address bad breath. Perhaps they are going to a wedding and want to make a great first impression, or maybe they’re headed on […]

Why Is a Fluoride Toothpaste Important?

At NW Heights Dental, our team of professionals, including Drs. Keri Smith and David Hiebert, are dedicated to ensuring patients have access to solutions to improve and maintain oral health. This includes educating patients on good dental health habits and services that address a wide range of common dental problems. Many patients ask about the […]

Learn the six benefits of tooth-colored dental fillings in Portland, OR

Portland, OR area patients who are seeking restoration of a tooth after tooth decay has developed may be confused as to the many options that are available to them. Metal alloy and silver amalgam are materials commonly used for fillings to address cavities. However, another option is available, and provides a more cosmetic benefit: tooth-colored […]

Understanding the importance of root canal therapy for saving the smile

Taking care of the smile is more than just brushing and flossing after every meal. When problems arise, it is essential that patients get the care they need as soon as possible, to keep the issue from becoming more serious—and more expensive. When patients are faced with an infected tooth, they may experience a severe […]

How Often Should You Change Your Toothbrush?

At NW Heights Dental, our practice is here to assist patients with a wide range of oral health care needs. This may include overall education on how to achieve and maintaining a healthy smile. Drs. Keri Smith and David Hiebert of the Portland, OR area encourage patients to ask questions about their smile’s health. How […]

Can Chewing Gum Keep Your Mouth Clean and Healthy?

One question commonly asked at the practice of NW Heights Dental is: Is chewing gum good for my teeth? Drs. Keri Smith and David Hiebert are dental professionals who understand the methods of care that patients can do to keep their smile healthy. In some cases, chewing gum CAN be good for the teeth! However, […]

4 Advantages of Invisalign Orthodontics over Traditional Braces

Drs. Keri Smith and David Hiebert of Portland, OR are two dentists at NW Heights Dental who have committed their lives to helping patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. When imperfections exist, such as misalignment, patients may find that solutions such as Invisalign are a perfect option for treatment. Invisalign is a method of realigning […]


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