The basics of a healthy smile

When it comes to first impressions, your smile is often the most noticeable when meeting others for the first time. However, what if you avoid smiling because you are embarrassed at the appearance of your teeth? What if you have been struggling with periodontal disease and are unhappy with your oral health? Working with an […]

What causes bad breath? Request a visit today

No one wants to be told they have bad breath. Social situations are quickly made awkward when adults realize they’ve been speaking to others with bad breath. But did you know that good oral health can dramatically reduce problems associated with halitosis? Dr. Keri Smith of NW Heights Dental of Portland, Oregon are here to […]

How smoking cigarettes impacts the smile

Patients of the Portland, OR area often ask questions with their dental team at NW Heights Dental to learn about the ways in which they can keep their smile healthy and attractive. Stained and discolored teeth are a common complaint, and instead of turning towards tooth whitening services, we often educate patients who are smokers […]

When to remove the wisdom teeth

Just like the appendix and the tonsils, the wisdom teeth, or “third molars,” are no longer necessary. These teeth, which develop in the teen years or the early adult years, often do not have enough room to emerge through the gum line properly. Because of this, they often become impacted, getting stuck near the far […]

Why is regular flossing important?

Flossing the teeth, just like brushing the teeth, is an important step in maintaining oral hygiene and keeping the smile healthy and beautiful. It should be done at least once a day to fight against the formation of tooth decay and the development of periodontal disease. With the help of Dr. Smith at NW Heights […]

What is dental erosion?

Dr. Keri Smith of NW Heights Dental of Portland may have told a patient that they are dealing with dental erosion. However, what is dental erosion? What causes it? And most importantly, what can be done to treat it? Below are a few of the most common questions regarding dental erosion: Q: What is dental […]

Dental Bridge | NW Heights Dental | Portland OR

What are the advantages of dental bridges?

Dr. Keri Smith , dentists at NW Heights Dental of Portland, offer patients in and around Portland, OR solutions to improve their smile’s health, beauty, and function. One way in which patients can improve the efficiency of their smile after tooth loss is with the use of dental bridges. What is a dental bridge? A […]

Porcelain Veneers | MW heights dental | Portland, OR

Preparing the teeth for porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are becoming a popular choice for many patients in the area of Portland, OR. Drs. Keri Smith of NW Heights Dental of Portland welcome patients into the practice to learn more about whether or not they are a good candidate for veneers. What is a porcelain veneer? The term “veneer” is often associated […]

Five ways pregnancy affects your oral health

Pregnancy is such an exciting time for many new moms. The growth of the baby, feeling the baby kick, and getting that “pregnancy glow” can make the entire experience all worth it! However, pregnancy can do a number on one’s oral health and wellness. There are many changes that occur in the body which can […]

What causes wear of natural tooth enamel?

Natural tooth enamel is strong and durable. This is because the teeth are supposed to last a lifetime in the smile. The teeth need to be effective in eating food and breaking it down for proper digestion. However, there are times in which a dentist may notice unexpected wear of natural tooth enamel. Natural tooth […]


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