Posts From May, 2019

Dental Implants | Portland, OR

How are dental implants used in replacing missing teeth?

Dental implants are one of many options available to patients who are interested in restoring their smile following the loss of a natural tooth. This particular treatment has many advantages and are used in a variety of different way to enhance the smile. What is a dental implant? The dental implant itself is actually a […]

Invisalign | Portland, OR

Forget traditional braces! Use Invisalign to improve smile alignment in a discreet way!

At the pracitce of NW Heights Dental in Portland, OR, patients have access to a wide selection of restorative dentistry solutions. Among these treatments is that of Invisalign orthodontics, a revolutionary way for patients to address smile misalignment including poor bite alignment, malocclusion, and crooked teeth. What is Invisalign? Dr. Keri Smith and of NW […]


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