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TMJ/TMD | Portland, OR

Treatment for TMJ/TMD may be a phone call away!

Portland, OR area patients who are seeking quality dental care solutions are welcome to reach out to the team at NW Heights Dental. Drs. Keri Smith and David Hiebert are pleased to offer patients a wide selection of services—including the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ/TMD concerns. What is TMJ/TMD and what does it entail? TMJ […]

Tips for Managing That Grinding Habit | NW Heights Dental

Tips for Managing That Grinding Habit

You may not realize how much your dentist can tell by looking at your teeth. Often, habits like bruxism (tooth grinding and clenching) are discovered by accident. When we ask “do you grind your teeth?” we are often met with surprise. If we were to ask you this question, what would you say? We presume […]


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