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Root Canal Therapy

How to prevent root canal infections

Many Portland, OR area patients who hear the words “root canal” associate these words with a painful treatment known as root canal therapy. This treatment, often called endodontic therapy by dentists, does not have to be a serious, invasive procedure. In fact, many of the conditions that lead patients to require treatment such as this […]

Tooth Extraction

How to care for the smile after tooth extraction

Having one or more teeth extracted at the dentist sounds scary, but thanks to the team of NW Heights Dental, patients should no longer be intimidated about the removal of teeth. Whether simple or surgical, Dr. Keri Smith can assist individuals with their needs. Removal of the teeth may be recommended when:   Preparing for […]

Bad breath

What is the quickest way to treat bad breath?

At NW Heights Dental, we want to assist Portland, OR area patients maintain healthy smiles and eliminate problems such as bad breath. However, there are times when patients may need to quickly address bad breath. Perhaps they are going to a wedding and want to make a great first impression, or maybe they’re headed on […]


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