How are dental implants used in replacing missing teeth?

Dental Implants | Portland, ORDental implants are one of many options available to patients who are interested in restoring their smile following the loss of a natural tooth. This particular treatment has many advantages and are used in a variety of different way to enhance the smile.

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant itself is actually a titanium metal post that looks like a small screw. During oral surgery at NW Heights Dental, our dental staff will place the implant into the bone of the jaw. This helps stimulate the process of osseointegration, allowing bone to grow around the implant and keep it firmly in place. Once this has occurred, the dental implant may be restored in a number of different manners based on the patient’s unique needs.

How is a dental implant used?

For most of our patients, dental implants are used to replace a single tooth. The implant has an abutment on the top of the restoration that will provide a foundation for a dental crown. This porcelain “cap” is put in place to act as a false tooth with the dental implant as the root replacement.

Other patients may use dental implants to replace multiple teeth. For example, patients who do not have adjacent teeth in their dental arch but want a dental bridge may utilize a dental implant as an anchor on one or both sides to successfully place the restoration. Patients with full dentures which replace the entire arch of teeth may have difficulty keeping their dentures in place while enjoying their favorite foods. These patients may consider the advantages of implant-supported dentures, which are full dentures that snap into place with several implants along the arch for optimum strength and stabilization. This is the best choice for patients who need to replace an arch of teeth but want to avoid the use of dental adhesives.

Make an appointment with our team to learn more about dental implants

Dental implants are just one of many different restorative treatments available in our practice. We welcome you to book an appointment with our team by calling (503) 646-1463 and visiting us at 975 NW Saltzman Road in the Portland, OR area.

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