Look What a Straight Smile Can Give You

Invisalign Portland OROne of the hot topics in beauty as of late is the value of a gorgeous smile. We are happy to assist patients with their cosmetic goals and routinely do so with treatments like teeth whitening and Invisalign. Straightening teeth that are crooked or spaced far apart may recreate the smile on a whole new level, but there are also health benefits that are gained through the Invisalign process.

  • Straighter teeth lead to healthier gums. Periodontal health is a critical aspect of general health that requires daily attention. Brushing and flossing may not be enough when there are nooks and crannies in which bacteria can accumulate. When we straighten teeth, these small hiding spots go away and the efficiency of brushing and flossing increases.
  • Straight teeth are conveniently cleaned. Oral care always takes effort. The question is, how much effort is needed and how effective it is. When teeth are straight, careful brushing and flossing are usually sufficient to clean away debris and the plaque that carries bacteria.
  • Straight teeth may last longer than crooked teeth. When we bite down and chew, the force from the jaw is supposed to spread across the entire upper and lower arch of teeth. Misalignment disrupts the disbursement of energy, which makes it likely that some teeth will wear down more quickly than others. By straightening teeth, we balance out the force of chewing and biting across the arch.
  • Straight teeth are user-friendly. Just like misalignment can cause excessive wear to teeth, it also causes the jaw to work harder. The brain expects teeth to meet when we chew. If teeth do not fit, the brain instinctively commands the jaw to reposition so they connect. The extra work and malposition the jaw must perform to make teeth meet causes stress on the joints and muscles, which can lead to pain such as tension in the jaw or headaches.

We enjoy serving patients in the Portland area with friendly care that achieves excellent results. To learn more about the Invisalign system and how it can give you the straight smile you deserve, call 503-646-1463.

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