Modern Dentistry Serves Your Needs with Ease

Cosmetic Dentistry Portland OR | Modern Dentistry Serves Your Needs with EaseUnless you’re a dentist (and maybe even if you are), we don’t presume that you spend much time thinking about how far we’ve come in our understanding of oral health and how to maintain it. It’s not as though humankind didn’t have the desire to know these things; there simply wasn’t a way to learn other than trial and error. Fortunately, centuries of trial and error have paid off. Today, we don’t have to question what causes cavities. We don’t even have to wonder how we can prevent cavities and many other dental problems. Furthermore, dental medicine has expanded to such a degree that we can treat the smile in some extraordinary ways.

Innovative Restorations

We could say that dental fillings are rather innovative when we look at the long history of dentistry. This field was not formalized until the mid-1800s, and the first amalgam filling was only developed shortly before. Dental amalgam was invented in 1819 but wasn’t used in the United States until 1830. One hundred years later, this restorative material was still the norm. Not anymore! Today, cavities can be repaired with tooth-colored composite material that is both lifelike and durable. Tooth-colored filings do not expand inside the tooth so do not present a risk of future fracture.


Many of the innovations that we discuss revolve around making the smile look better. Veneer treatment is a prime example of beneficial advances in dentistry. This treatment is also not as new as we may imagine. The first veneers were used in Hollywood in the 1930s to give actors the picture-perfect smiles we love to admire today. At that time, veneers looked good, but not great. They also didn’t stay in place for more than a few days or weeks at a time. The porcelain veneers that we use today are made of quality dental porcelain that mimics natural enamel. This treatment also achieves results that can last up to 15 years thanks to a modern bonding process.

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Dentistry has changed in so many ways that we hardly have to worry about what might affect the smile anymore. We are happy to offer proven preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments in a friendly environment. To learn more or to schedule your visit with us, call our office at 503.646.1463.

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