Should I Get a Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridge Portland OR | Should I Get a Dental Bridge?If a tooth has become severely diseased or injured, it may need to be removed. Tooth loss may result from an accident or severe decay. However this problem occurs, our attention immediately turns to restoration. There is more than one way to replace missing teeth, thanks to dental innovation. Here, we discuss how a dental bridge can fill the gaps in your smile.

How Can Dental Bridges Help?

The term dental bridge aptly describes this restorative structure because a literal bridge is created to close empty space between two teeth. Fixed bridges are a common treatment for patients who want long-term results without the need to remove artificial teeth daily for cleaning. The way that this bridge is secured is with one or two dental crowns. The crowns fit over the teeth on either side of the space that needs to be filled, holding one or two artificial teeth in place over the gums.

Dental bridges may be recommended for several different reasons. Not every patient who experiences tooth loss is interested in or a good candidate for dental implants, though this is the preferred method among dentists. Dental implants are installed into the bone tissue of the jaw and sit beneath the gums where these tiny posts act in the place of natural roots. As long-lasting as dental implants are, there are also benefits to bridge treatment.

Installing a dental bridge means that teeth cannot drift into the empty space created by tooth loss. Replacing a missing tooth or teeth also preserves facial contouring. When we lose teeth, the face even loses the structure it needs to ward off a hollow appearance. A dental bridge does require a bit of special care to prevent plaque accumulation beneath the artificial tooth, but this structure can last well over a decade with proper brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings.

Losing a tooth used to mean living years without a balanced bite or attractive smile. Today, losing a tooth means scheduling a visit with your dentist to discuss the pros and cons of treatment options like a dental bridge or dental implants.

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