Understanding the importance of root canal therapy for saving the smile

Taking care of the smile is more than just brushing and flossing after every meal. When problems arise, it is essential that patients get the care they need as soon as possible, to keep the issue from becoming more serious—and more expensive. When patients are faced with an infected tooth, they may experience a severe toothache. In many cases, patients with this situation are often faced with the need for root canal therapy. Fortunately, the procedure is not nearly as scary or invasive as patients have been told!

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a procedure that is performed to save a natural tooth from extraction. Root canals require the dentist to access the innermost portion of the tooth to remove the mass of tissues known as the dental pulp. With removal of this tissue, the inner canals of the teeth are then accessible. The area is disinfected before it is filled with gutta percha and the tooth is finished by sealing it with composite resin bonding. In some instances, the tooth may also be covered with a dental crown to act as an extra layer of protection for the tooth, as it can become weaker post-surgery.

Why choose root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is extremely successful in many cases. It can help save a natural tooth from require extraction, which then requires additional costs and care. Tooth replacement options can be costly, versus a single procedure that can keep the natural tooth in place. Root canal therapy, when done correctly, can also ensure bacteria does not enter back into the tooth and require removal later down the line. There is no alternative treatment to root canal therapy, leaving extraction as the only other option.

Root canal therapy is just a phone call away!

If you are considering using root canal therapy to save a tooth in your smile, now is a great time to connect with the team at NW Heights Dental. We can assist you with your oral healthcare needs, whether it be for the treatment of cavities or for full mouth restoration. Our practice is conveniently located in Portland, OR at 975 NW Saltzman Road and is accepting new patients and families.

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