We’d Like You to Know Some Details about Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics Portland OR | Root Canal TherapyRoot canal therapy is performed pretty frequently across the country. Millions of people have had at least one and have reaped the benefits of removing inflamed dental pulp and nerves. As advantageous as this endodontic procedure can be, and as many times as it has been performed, there are still misconceptions about the process.

Primarily, it is the perception of root canal therapy as painful that needs to be discussed. If you expect something your dentist does is going to hurt, chances are you will instinctively try to avoid it. Many people try to avoid root canal therapy by not seeing the dentist when a tooth starts to hurt. It may not make much sense, but it’s what often happens. Here, we want to discuss this idea of root canal therapy being painful to clear up unnecessary stress for you.

Root canal therapy has been around for a long time. It was first performed in the mid-1800s, that’s how long it’s been around. It’s safe to say, then, that when root canals were first implemented, the technique and methods of anesthetizing the mouth were far different from what they are today. So let’s come into the modern world.

A root canal is not going to hurt.

Actually, we should be more explicit. A root canal can hurt, and often will if it becomes infected with bacteria. What we want to say is that root canal therapy does not hurt. Root canal treatment is conducted similarly to the filling process. We numb the area that is being treated with a generous amount of local anesthetic. From that point on, there should be no more pain in the tooth that has been aching. The procedure may take a bit longer than the average filling because the focus is on removing pulp material from the canals of the tooth using tiny instruments. After the tooth has been treated and filled, slight soreness may linger for a few days, but should not be disruptive to your daily routine.

Our priority is maintaining a comfortable environment in which every patient’s dental needs can be met with appropriate treatments. To learn more about our services or to schedule your visit, call 503-646-1463.

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