4 Advantages of Invisalign Orthodontics over Traditional Braces

Dr. Keri Smith of Portland, OR are two dentists at NW Heights Dental who have committed their lives to helping patients achieve beautiful and healthy smiles. When imperfections exist, such as misalignment, patients may find that solutions such as Invisalign are a perfect option for treatment. Invisalign is a method of realigning the smile with clear plastic trays worn day and night for gradual movement.

What are the benefits of Invisalign braces?

While traditional braces may still be suitable for patients with severe misalignment of the bite and dental arch, many patients who visit with NW Heights Dental find that they are viable candidates for Invisalign. Invisalign has several advantages over more conventional orthodontia.

  • Appearance – one of the most highly desirable aspects of Invisalign is the ability to realign the smile in a discreet manner. Invisalign trays fit over the teeth and are practically invisible to others. Patients love the ability to change their smile without having to hide behind metal brackets and wires for months on end.
  • Comfort – Invisalign trays are extremely comfortable to wear. The plastic is smooth and fits tight over the teeth. While patients may experience some soreness with each new tray, this is relatively minor compared to the discomfort some patients feel with traditional braces. Metal brackets and wires also tend to irritate the soft tissues of the mouth, while Invisalign trays are smooth and sleek.
  • Ease of use – Invisalign is a treatment that requires patients to be compliant. It is easy to follow through with treatment when patients wear their trays at least 20 hours a day. Patients should only remove their trays when eating, brushing, or flossing. They can be worn day and night for improving the smile.
  • Improved oral health – because Invisalign trays can be removed from the teeth, it makes it easier than ever to effectively brush and floss. Traditional braces can make it difficult due to brackets and wires to work around. Those who undergo Invisalign treatment are more likely to have a healthier smile than those who have traditional orthodontia.

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