Ask About Alternatives to Braces such as Invisalign

Invisalign PortlandImperfect alignment of the natural teeth can make for an imperfect smile. However, many patients can combat this by asking their dentist in Portland, Oregon about the advantages of orthodontic work. While this may bring to mind metal brackets and wires over the teeth, this isn’t always the case! Dr. Keri Smith of NW Heights Dental provide alternative solutions for patients to consider, including Invisalign orthodontics.

Understanding Invisalign

Invisalign works like no other method of traditional orthodontics. While conventional braces use brackets and wires to move the teeth into a different position, this is not the only way to achieve results. Patients with mild to moderate malocclusion can use Invisalign aligner therapy as an alternative. Invisalign works to reposition the teeth without brackets and wires, and instead with clear plastic trays. The trays are fabricated using digitized impressions of the natural teeth in the dental arch. Then, at Invisalign laboratories, these impressions are run through specialized software that converts the impressions into a series of trays to get the teeth from start to finish. A series of trays is fabricated and sent to the dental office where patients can pick up their orthodontia and learn how to use them. Each tray is worn day and night for two weeks before progressing to the next tray in the series. By the end of the last tray, patients will have their new smile achieved! Most patients will be able to achieve results in less than a year with proper, strict compliance with the system. Invisalign is affordable, effective, and much more discreet than traditional braces.

Braces don’t have to be your only option!

If you despise the idea of having traditional orthodontia covering your smile, now is a wonderful time to ask the team of NW Heights Dental about alternatives such as Invisalign tray therapy. Dr. Keri Smith provide this and many other solutions for an imperfect smile. Call (503) 646-1463 today to book a consultation visit and find out if you are a candidate. Our practice is conveniently located at 975 NW Saltzman Road in Portland, Oregon.

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