Using discreet services such as Invisalign orthodontics to achieve better smile alignment

Invisalign Portland ORWhen Portland, OR area patients think of realigning their smile, they dread the idea of using traditional bracket and wire braces. Drs. Keri Smith and David Heibert of NW Heights Dental understand that these conventional methods of repairing tooth alignment are often frowned upon, especially by adults. Instead of covering the smile with metal orthodontia to achieve a more attractive appearance, many patients are excited to learn about alternative options such as Invisalign orthodontics.

Understanding Invisalign

Invisalign is a revolutionary and innovative way for patients to realign their smile without having to deal with brackets and wires. This method utilizes clear plastic trays that are worn by the patient over the course of time. A series of specialized alignment trays are made after digital impressions of the smile are completed by the dentist, and then each tray is worn for two weeks at a time before patients move onto the next tray in the series. By the end of treatment, patients will have a more aligned smile and improved self-confidence!

How does it work?

The aligner trays are made to push the teeth gently into a new position. With the change out of each tray, patients are making steady progress which will allow them to eventually have a beautifully aligned dental arch. Patients dealing with overcrowding, gaps between the teeth, and even poor bite alignment are considered appropriate candidates for Invisalign treatment. This process can be used for both teenagers and adults and can only be achieved with proper patient compliance. Without following the strict instructions, patients may experience delays in their results and additional costs for added tray creations.

Book an appointment at NW Heights Dental to learn more about Invisalign

Invisalign orthodontics is a popular choice for patients who are faced with the need for orthodontic services but want to avoid traditional metal and wire braces. Contact Drs. Keri Smith and David Heibert at NW Heights Dental in the area of Portland, OR to discuss whether or not you are a candidate for this aligner tray alternative. Call (503) 646-1463 or visit the practice personally at 975 NW Saltzman Road.

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