Use Smile Design and Restoration to Completely Transform a Smile

Portland, OR area patients with a wide range of dental concerns are welcome to speak to the staff of NW Heights Dental. Our professionals, Dr. Keri Smith, are available to assist patients with their oral healthcare. In addition, they want patients to look and feel their best. When a wide range of imperfections are impacting the appearance of the smile, patients are urged to speak to our team about smile design and restoration options.

What is smile design?

There can be many cosmetic and functional imperfections of the smile that can make patients feel self-conscious about how they look. With the help of Dr. Keri Smith, patients of Portland, OR can work with a professional to personally redesign their smile. Broken, stained, or lost teeth can be addressed with a single appointment.

How smile design and restoration works

First, patients visit with our dentists for an evaluation. During this time, our dental team will assess the health of the smile. This is the perfect time for patients to speak to our team about the specific areas of the smile that impact their self-confidence. Patients then work with their dentist to design their new smile. This may include a combination of procedures to address these imperfections. It may include general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry options that are available. When all of these are used together to transform the smile, patients are able to address the problems that make them self-conscious and find their confidence and pride yet again!

I have too many issues with my smile. What can be done?

In cases where patients are missing most or all of their teeth, or damage from disease and decay is far past the point of restoration, our dentists may suggest extracting the remaining teeth and considering full dentures. This is a personal decision, but our team can provide patients with the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision regarding the future of their smile!

Work with our team at NW Heights Dental today!

Dr. Keri Smith of Portland, OR are pleased to offer patients solutions for their smiles, including smile design and restoration. Contact our office at (503) 646-1463 to request your appointment and visit us personally at 975 NW Saltzman Road.

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