How to prevent root canal infections

Root Canal Therapy Many Portland, OR area patients who hear the words “root canal” associate these words with a painful treatment known as root canal therapy. This treatment, often called endodontic therapy by dentists, does not have to be a serious, invasive procedure. In fact, many of the conditions that lead patients to require treatment such as this can be avoided. Root canal infections can negatively impact the health of the tooth, as well as the smile, but these risks can be reduced with proper care. Dr. Keri Smith encourage patients to consider these tips for preventing the need for root canal therapy by preventing the infections from the start!

What causes an infection in the root canals?

The root canals are essentially the canals, or spaces, in the roots of the tooth. These roots over contain the dental pulp, which includes the blood supply and nerves. When infected, this can cause great pain. Avoiding pain can be achieved by keeping the teeth healthy and considering these important recommendations:

  • Maintain good oral hygiene. First and foremost comes preventative care. Instead of being “reactive” about the need for dental work, patients should be “proactive.” Brush the teeth after every meal and floss at least once a day. Avoid wearing down natural tooth enamel and irritating the gums by brushing gently and using a soft-bristled brush.
  • Follow the dentist’s recommendations of a cleaning and examination every six months. When patients visit their dentist on a regular basis, they are engaging in preventative care. Problems that may be a potential risk to one’s dental health can be diagnosed during these evaluations. In most cases, early detection and intervention of these conditions will keep them from becoming more severe—and more damaging.
  • Connect with the dentist when restorations are loose or lost. Restorations such as dental crowns and dental bridges that become dislodged can make it easier for bacteria to become trapped underneath the restoration and cause an infection of the natural tooth. Restorations can be bonded back into place, or replaced, as needed.
  • Seek treatment when damage occurs to the smile. Any time damage happens to the smile, it can cause trauma to the bones, teeth, or gums. Chips and cracks of the natural teeth can leave the dental pulp exposed and can increase the risk of infection. Visit the dentist as soon as possible to have these issues resolved to reduce the risk of requiring root canal therapy.

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